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Pinterest Fave Friday!

It’s been a while since we have posted a Pinterest Fave Friday post! We’ll try to keep posting them periodically, cause they are lots of fun :)
Here are our fave’s for the week.

Brooke’s top 5 faves:

1. Clever, succulents in vintage cups. Link

2. A stylish way to keep cool. Link

3. Love this print, what a great colour combination. Link

4. This cushion reminds me of summer, blue skies and sunshine! Link

5. I love this image, sum’s up Summer! Link

Sarah’s top 5 faves:


1. Lovely wallpaper to brighten a wall. Link

2. Colourful notebooks for bright ideas. Link

3. A lovely collection of everyday outfits by Madewell. Link

4. Artwork by Kirra Jamison. Link

5. Cosy teacups for afternoon tea. Link

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